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Ray McCormick

  • Clean Water
  • Clean Air
  • Healthy Food
  • Fertile Land
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Home for me is where five generations of McCormicks have lived and farmed. I’ve shared this home with Cheryl, my wife of 42 years, my son Nate, daughter Marilyn and two grandchildren. Caring for God’s creation has always been one of our highest priorities. At our home, we’ve grown peaches, cattle, corn, and an abundance of wildlife; for us, this is our purpose and our cornerstone. Handing that way of life forward to future generations remains our responsibility as stewards of the planet.

My lifetime of dedication to these principles of conservation has led me across our nation, as I have pursued many relevant causes, established critical pipelines and lifelong friendships, and achieved a level of success that will forever impact our future. As your congressman, I would be extremely well positioned to lead our district, state, and country in this conservation movement.

Building healthy soils that provide us with clean water, clean air, healthy food and fertile land are not campaign slogans, they are the practices that I’ve pioneered on our farm for decades. Protecting these critical natural resources has become a national movement, in which southwestern Indiana has become a shining star. Protecting our abundant natural resources, our critical infrastructure, will directly impact both urban and rural families for many generations. I understand the importance of balancing the needs of farmers with the needs of our cities. We all depend upon each other; when we all work together, imagine what we can accomplish.

If you elect me to congress from the 8th district, together we can fight to achieve these bipartisan goals. To the good people of the 8th district - I need your heart, soul, and strength for this heavy lift. Let’s grow our future together.


My Position on Current Issues

Education in Indiana?

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Healthcare in Indiana?

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Poverty in Indiana?

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Working together, we have a tremendous opportunity to lead the country with our values of hard work, common sense, and grit. I have decades of experience in capturing the sun's energy to be a more productive farmer and improve the environment. We can build soil health: the foundation for clean air, clean water, nutritious food, and a thriving economy. A healthy community is a safe, productive, and thriving community and one every person in the 8th district deserves.

We can lead the country on this journey by caring for God's creation from the ground up in a way that brings good paying jobs for years into the future. Let's work together to make the 8th district a national leader in environmental and economic innovation.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Roots of Conservation video by the Walton Foundation
  • Farming the Flyways, National Award Winner - Successful Farming Magazine
  • Master Farmer 2010 - Prairie Farmer Magazine
  • No-till Legend 2017 - National No-till Magazine
  • Conservation Excellence Award 2010 - Indiana NRCS
  • Conservation Farmer of the Year - KCSWCD
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - North Central NACD
  • Man of the Year 1996 in Service to Indiana Agriculture - Progressive Farmer Magazine
  • Indiana Conservation Farmer of the Year - Indiana Farm Bureau & IASWCD’s
  • Featured Indiana Farmer for reducing the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico - Indianapolis Zoo’s Dolphin Show
  • Featured Conservationist - ESPN Outdoors
  • River Friendly Farmer - Indiana Farm Bureau
  • Land O’Lakes Sustain 2018 Advocacy Award - Conservation Agronomy
  • Outstanding Contribution Award - US Fish and Wildlife Service the Department of Interior

Leadership Experience Locally

President of the Knox County Parks Board • President of the Knox County Soil and Water Conservation District • Led the effort to restore the Goose Pond • Led the effort to establish the Cane Ridge Fish & Wildlife Area • Help secure funding for the Fox Ridge Nature Area • Help establish the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge • President and co-founder of the Wabash Valley Progressives.

Leadership Experience Statewide

President of the Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts • Indiana Department of Natural Resources Commissioner • Chairman of the DNR Advisory Council • Board of Directors of the Indiana Wildlife Federation • Board of Trustees of The Indiana Nature Conservancy.

Leadership Experience Nationally

Leader in making The Soil Health Movement a national resource priority • Indiana delegate to the National Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts • Serving on the board of the National Wildlife Federation • Leadership role in the Great American Outdoors Initiative • Testified before Congress on conservation issues • Leadership role on Conservation Provisions of 5 Farm Bills









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